My long-term vision is to deploy self-driving networks based on modern principles of zero trust on a large-scale to improve the resilience and security of the networks, for the individual and social good.

My Research Interests

Revolve around verification of programmable networks such as SDN and P4 networks/switches. Leverage techniques such as Fuzzing, Deep Learning, Bloom Filters for detection and localization of bugs causing abnormal behavior during runtime.

Recent Project Verify

Funded by BMBF grant under the Software Campus executives development program. Project Verify aims to develop systems that perform runtime verification of programmable networks.

Role: Principal Investigator (PI)

Previous Projects

EU FP7 Project UNIFY. I contributed to troubleshooting, monitoring, and verification of Service Chains in Carrier-Grade Networks.

Role: Research Assistant from TU Berlin

Research Talks (Invited)

  • Towards Resilient Programmable Networks (Keynote), The Second International Conference on Advances in Distributed Computing and Machine Learning (ICADCML-2021), India (Virtual Conference), 2021
  • Towards More Flexible and Automated Communication Networks (Host: Prof. R. Seidel), Dagstuhl Seminar, Leibniz-Zentrum für Informatik, 2020 (Postponed due to Corona Pandemic)
  • Towards Automatic Runtime Verification of P4 Switches (Host: Prof. Stefan Schmid), Research Group Communication Technologies, University of Vienna, Austria, 2019
  • Consistent Network Updates in SDN (Demo), From Research to Standardization, ETSI, Sophia Antipolis, France, 2016
  • Substrate-Aware SDN Abstractions (Host: Prof. P. Papadimitriou), NFV Workshop, University of Hanover, 2015

Service as a reviewer

  • USENIX NSDI 2022
  • Perfail 2022
  • Netsys 2021 Phd Forum
  • Reviewer for IEEE/ACM TON, 2021
  • Reviewer for IEEE TNSM, 2021
  • Reviewer for IEEE INFOCOM, 2021
  • Reviewer for ACM SIGCOMM CCR, 2020
  • Special Issue (SI) on Security and Performance on SDN and Functions Virtualization, Elsevier J. Computer Networks, 2017 (COMNET Journal)
  • IEEE JSAC SI-SDN Scalability, 2018 (JSAC Journal)
  • IEEE Transactions on Network and Service Management, 2018 (TNSM)